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Randomness FTW!

norly Completely random post written at 2.30 in the middle of an awesome night.
  • My English writing skills are terrible.
  • People who tweet ads and enter contests on Twitter are jackasses. Period.
  • KFC Krushers belong to #foodporn.
  • I need a haircut.
  • And a shave. I look like a baboon.
  • Pissing off autorickshaw drivers is fun!
  • Pissing off girls is not.
  • But you know what, I don’t care!
  • 3 Doors Down are GODs. Nothing short.
  • Flickr sucks donkey balls.
  • The exact words of this post exist as a category on Priya’s blog. TOTAL coincidence. NO, RLY!

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The Real Story Behind sk1d.com

As you all know, @hnprashanth and myself recently launched sk1d.com, a “personal” URL shortening service. What most of you do not know is the real story behind sk1d.com. As URL shortening got more and more competitive after the explosion of micro-blogging service Twitter, we depended more on more on Tr.im, one of the leading URL shorteners that also offered statistics. Early Monday morning though, Tr.im closed down service. This was all fine and dandy. There are other services like 3.ly, u.nu, and bit.ly (with statistics). The only problem was, Prashanth was using Tr.im as sort of a URL shortener + bookmark service to keep tab of links he shared and liked, in spite of me repeatedly telling him not to. With Tr.im closed down, his collection of links is, well, dead. Lesson learnt. After all the taunts and teasing, he was looking for a new bookmark service. Delicious was my obvious first suggestion, followed by a tongue-in-cheek comment about setting up a URL shortener on our server. But, he actually took it up as a suggestion and in a few minutes (~10 minutes to be precise), with the help of urlShort (open source URL shortener), I created sk1d.com.


Sk1d.com wasn’t even supposed to be launched to the public. It was sort of supposed to be our little repository of links. I was supposed to password-protect the site too, but one little tweet and to our surprise, people actually started using the service (and liking it too). We pretty much realise that the service will mostly be used by our friends, but that’s fine with us. Sk1d.com wasn’t even intended for public release, let alone financial gains or traffic. It also means that without the burden on the server, sk1d.com will probably by all means, live longer.

Wanna Try It?

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Bangalore Paintball Tweetup – Lots of Fun (and Pain)

indian_paintball_leagueTweetups in Bangalore have been getting not only better, but more common. This edition of Bangalore Tweetup, hash tagged #paintballtweetup, was organized in less than a couple of days, but it was loads of fun. The venue – Indian Paintball League (ironically called IPL), located off Sarjapura Road.

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The Great “Kick Ass” Bowling Tweetup

The Great "Kick Ass" Bowling Tweetup by Santosh GS.Yes, I’ve been enjoying a lot all these days. Weddings, parties, movie outings, and most importantly – tweetups! I’m pretty sure all of you already know what a tweetup is. If not, JFGI. We Bangalore folks love our tweetups, ’cause we sure do know how to have a kick ass time (oops, does that qualify as a pun?). The last tweetup (on Saturday, 30th May) was at Amoeba Bowling, Church Street. This was our first #bowlingtweetup (useless Twitter hash tag). The Bangalore tweeps, consisiting of @fagunbhavasar, @hnprashanth, @dkris, @tsuvik, @viralsachde, @santoshp and myself played two games, enjoying each one thoroughly. Of course, it would have been a lot more fun it only @fagunbhavasar had not won both by a landslide (128+ and 100+, WTF? :( ). Besides the bowling, we had a lot of fun looking everywhere else (rather, at everybody else), which for us guys, proved completely distracting, but enjoyable at the same time. (Err.. *hint*: birds, bird watching, you get the point?) We visited Indian Coffee House (ICH) too. The new location on Church Street is small, but they still have the same coffee and brilliant ‘cutlets’. I’d recommend it to anybody coming to visit Bangalore. Ah.. Good ol’ Bangalore. Awesome fun. Follow me on Twitter, and I’ll tweet when you can join us next time. Open invite. :-) Oh, by the way, there’s a fun photo scheduled for blog post tomorrow. You might want to subscribe by feed or by email. ;-)

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Feedly – The Best Web-Based Feed Reader for Firefox?

After having made my shift from RSSOwl to Google Reader, I was going through my feeds when an article on Webware caught my attention. It was about Feedly – the newest addition to the already existing hundreds of web-based RSS feed readers. So what’s unique about Feedly? For starters, it works only with Firefox and is installed as an addon. Feedly screenshot - The best web based feed reader Feedly integrates social-networking with your RSS feeds. For example, if you liked an article from your feed, you could easily share it with your friends over at Twitter. You could even add your Facebook account into it. Easily tweet an article from Feedly Feedly conveniently imported all my subscriptions (and even my name!) from Google Reader. All I had to do was give it the thumbs up, and it did the rest. The one thing Feedly lacks, which I got used to with Google Reader, was the feature of automatically marking a feed as read when you scrolled past it. Then again, Google Reader never functioned well with my scroll wheel. So I’m not complaining. There is another setback though, advertisements. I can’t stand them, and Feedly has containers ready to serve ads when the owner of the feed decides he wants to. I’m not too sure how to block them, but for now there are none since the service is quite new.

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