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Trip to Gokarna Om Beach

Engineering has been quite monotonous so far. At least 6 hours of  classes everyday and sometimes up to 8 hours. Thankfully, you only have to be stuck with each subject for less than 5 months. After the semester exams, a bunch of us close friends headed off to Gokarna, a small town in the Karwar district which has some really beautiful beaches that attract a lot of foreigners. We initially wanted to go by train, but the train timings were such that we would reach Shimoga in the middle of the night, and from there, we would need to take a bus to Gokarna. Instead we took a sleeper coach bus right from Bangalore itself. The bus was an hour late! En route, our dear friend Somo made the bus wait for a good 10 whole minutes as he came running from home. :| We reached Gokarna at 7 in the morning. What was surprising was that there was almost no humidity despite being a coastal town. The weather was excellent! gokarna om beach photos Once at Gokarna, we had to hire autorickshaws to Om Beach. The beach is pretty far from the bus stand and 100 bucks for the rick is worth it. En route the tiny ghat section, you will see Gokarna’s other beaches which are equally as beautiful as Om Beach. Once at Om Beach, we had to walk till the end of the beach to find a place to stay as every other shack was either booked or available only to foreigners. Apparently, charging foreigners a large amount for a lousy shack is how these people manage to keep the price cheap for us. gokarna_sunrise_beautiful_collage The entire stay for 2 days was just brilliant. Day 1 went away with exploring the geography of the place, lazying by the beach, and a visit to the temple. On day 2, we trekked quite a lot in the somewhat hot sun and found a stunning spot where we could see a panoramic view of the sea. Sadly we hadn’t taken our cameras on the trek. :( The rest of the day was spent floating in the sea, playing catch in the water, and losing precious stuff. :D Budget wise, I had expected us to spend close to Rs.2,500 like the last trip to Mangalore. Surprisingly though, the whole thing worked out at exactly Rs.1,600 per head! Here’s the run down for those planning to go to Gokarna:
  • Travel – by bus (to and fro), sleeper coach (Seabird) — Rs.800
  • Accommodation – Sunset Cafe — Rs.300 per room (2 people in a room with maximum 3 allowed)
  • Food – this was the costliest because we did not skimp on our non-veg craving, and yes, ’cause we’re hogs, lol :D – Rs.450
  • Autorickshaw – the only way to travel from the beach to the town — Rs.200
I haven’t gone into much detail about the trip due to lack of time and patience. Gokarna is overall a very nice place to visit. Om Beach is calm, quiet, and a privy place away from hooligans. Contrary to recent rumors, the beaches are kept really clean and morally well looked after.

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Feedly – The Best Web-Based Feed Reader for Firefox?

After having made my shift from RSSOwl to Google Reader, I was going through my feeds when an article on Webware caught my attention. It was about Feedly – the newest addition to the already existing hundreds of web-based RSS feed readers. So what’s unique about Feedly? For starters, it works only with Firefox and is installed as an addon. Feedly screenshot - The best web based feed reader Feedly integrates social-networking with your RSS feeds. For example, if you liked an article from your feed, you could easily share it with your friends over at Twitter. You could even add your Facebook account into it. Easily tweet an article from Feedly Feedly conveniently imported all my subscriptions (and even my name!) from Google Reader. All I had to do was give it the thumbs up, and it did the rest. The one thing Feedly lacks, which I got used to with Google Reader, was the feature of automatically marking a feed as read when you scrolled past it. Then again, Google Reader never functioned well with my scroll wheel. So I’m not complaining. There is another setback though, advertisements. I can’t stand them, and Feedly has containers ready to serve ads when the owner of the feed decides he wants to. I’m not too sure how to block them, but for now there are none since the service is quite new.

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Nokia 3110 Classic Review

Finally, I was looking forward to buying this phone for at least one person! Sister lost her cell phone while she was in Chennai, and voila, a perfect chance to persuade somebody to buy this baby. The budget was small, but just enough to get this superb phone. And I have got to say, this has got to be the best decision I made [for somebody] on a mobile phone so far. Nokia 3110 Classic

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