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Google’s Internet Bus On 50 Day Tour of Karnataka

Google India today announced that its ‘Internet Bus’ will now be touring Karnataka on a campaign focusing on four themes – information, communication, entertainment and education.

The video driven content will showcase how even with basic knowledge of the Internet people can make their everyday lives simpler. The content will also provide familiarization on using services like search, email, social networking, online maps and mobile. All this information will be available in English and Kannada. The bus will be starting its journey from Bangalore and will travel through 15 towns in the next 50 days. This campaign is aimed at people with limited knowledge and exposure to the Internet and the experience has been designed to create awareness of the benefits of this powerful medium.

Users across India will be able to follow the bus through its journey, see pictures and videos and join online communities by visiting http://www.google.co.in/internetbus.  
"Tamil Nadu was a big learning for us and it was inspiring to see that people wanted to know about the internet and share their needs with us. This experience has reinforced our belief that awareness is the key challenge in the growth of the Internet in India and we are excited about bringing this campaign to yet another state. In this phase besides popular services like email, search and videos, we will be focusing on how mobile phones can be used to access useful local information even without data plans. Access to the Internet in local languages will continue to be a focus area,” said Dr. Prasad Ram, Head of Google R&D, India. [via PC World]

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We Live in a Synchronized World

We live in a synchronized world. Yes, we do. A sync here, a sync there, is just what we all need to be completely organized. sync I’m writing this post after I just synchronized Notes, Contacts, Calendar entries, and To-Do lists between my iPod, n70, Outlook 2007, and Google Calendar. Like, I added an entry to Google Calendar, and it was synchronized to the Outlook and n70 calendars (having a little problem syncing the calendar with the iPod; will sort it out though). Pretty neat, eh? More on how to soon. (It’s going to be a long post. Maybe here. Maybe on the Harmless Geek. Dunno.) So why sync? To begin with, why not? Having all your stuff where ever you are is something very convenient, isn’t it? I use my Nokia n70’s calendar a lot. I don’t usually forget birthdays of dear ones mostly because my device reminds me the night before, and on the day itself. Now I can get an SMS reminder as well, besides being able to see it every time I check my mail. I also jot down a lot of notes – stuff that I need to download or just something that I need to find out more about. Usually, these get lost somewhere amongst the other hundred odd notes. Hence, the need to sync between my computer. Outlook displays the note in a small window when you open it. You can then make it stay “always on top” using the nvidia desktop manager, and BAAM! – you have a sticky! There are lots of other reasons, but those were (some) of the main reasons as to why sync between devices. Ergo, if you haven’t synced yet – SYNC, SYNC, SYNC damn it! ‘Cause it’s your birth right, you hear? This also happens to be my first post from Windows Live Writer. It’s pretty nice so far. Saves me a lot of bandwidth and also those annoying ‘post revision’ saves WordPress does. (P.S. – did you notice how I connect everything together to make everything better? Like using the nvidia manager to create sticky notes. Makes life simpler, without having to install BS software. Yes, yes. I do love myself very much. ;-) ) EDIT: Ended up fcuking up the post a little. I’m learning. :-)

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Feedly – The Best Web-Based Feed Reader for Firefox?

After having made my shift from RSSOwl to Google Reader, I was going through my feeds when an article on Webware caught my attention. It was about Feedly – the newest addition to the already existing hundreds of web-based RSS feed readers. So what’s unique about Feedly? For starters, it works only with Firefox and is installed as an addon. Feedly screenshot - The best web based feed reader Feedly integrates social-networking with your RSS feeds. For example, if you liked an article from your feed, you could easily share it with your friends over at Twitter. You could even add your Facebook account into it. Easily tweet an article from Feedly Feedly conveniently imported all my subscriptions (and even my name!) from Google Reader. All I had to do was give it the thumbs up, and it did the rest. The one thing Feedly lacks, which I got used to with Google Reader, was the feature of automatically marking a feed as read when you scrolled past it. Then again, Google Reader never functioned well with my scroll wheel. So I’m not complaining. There is another setback though, advertisements. I can’t stand them, and Feedly has containers ready to serve ads when the owner of the feed decides he wants to. I’m not too sure how to block them, but for now there are none since the service is quite new.

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Gmail Now Available In Indian Languages

Good news for people waiting to check their emails in Indian languages. Google has now enabled support for several Indian languages in their Gmail service. Everything except your emails (duH!) can be set to your preferred Indian language. Available languages include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Urdu, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati and Oriya. Screenshot of Gmail in Kannada:Screenshot of Gmail in Kannada To change the language, just go to Settings -> General. Under Language, select your preferred language, and save the settings.

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