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My To-Buy List

Saw Subbu’s list, and it reminded me to note down my list. The list is in order of preference and/or need.
  • WooHoo! :PDELL SP2208WFP 22″ TFT — I love this! However, I might settle on a 19″ TFT instead. Suggestions welcome. This is needed ASAP to replace my decade old 14″ CRT always-5months-pregnant monitor. GOT THIS.
  • External 500GB/750GB HDD — My current 300GB+40GB combo has almost run out of space. Low disk space warnings appear on multiple drives! I’m planning an external hard disk because that way I can use it with the laptop. GOT THIS (although I settled for an internal 750gig HDD).
  • SONY MDR-XD200 Headphones — I need this pretty badly. Every time I play music or even watch a movie, parents downstairs start to complain. 8-) And besides, I can’t Counter-Strike without a headphone. :| GOT THIS. Check review.
  • DELL Inspiron 1525 — Well this depends on which college I get into since most of the colleges in my list give a free laptop on admission. But it is one heck of a sexy laptop.
  • Logitech Cordless mouse — Previous cordless Logitech mouse is screwed. Using a spare 4-yr old optical mouse now, and that has put my gaming off. Haven’t decided on which model to buy. Corded or cordless will depend on whether I get a laptop or not. Current choices — G5 or MX518. Was also planning for the G15 keyboard. Having used it at the SKOAR! expo, I know I WANT it. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with the current keyboard I have. GOT THIS. Got a Logitech MX518.
  • Better, more ergonomic, comfortable chair — The current one is not made for the desk I’m using. So kinda hinders my usage of the keyboard+mouse, not to mention give me a pain in the back.
  • Lite-On DH-20A4P-08 DVD-RW — Dunno if this is the best, but this sure is the last thing on my list. It’s been years since the DVD became a common part of life, and yet, I have no desire to want one. I have teh Internet, and teh pen drive. But I guess with a drive costing ~1.2k, I can buy it now. :P
Suggestions welcome people. :) Edit: This post was written on July 1st, 2008. It was, however, published on June 1st, 2008. I beg of you not to ask questions, atleast for the sake of my respect (if any left)! I’ve republished this on July 3rd, 2008. Sorry. Edit 2: Post updated on 9th of July, 2008. Bought a WesternDigital 750GB hard disk, a Logitech MX518, and the Dell SP2208WFP.

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Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood Mobile Game

This has got to be one of the best mobile games I’ve played. It’s quite short, but the graphics and the game play will surely keep you hooked.

Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood

Compatibility: S60 n70, n72, etc. Size: 1.10 MB Download: Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood S60 N70 N72 (right click, Save As..)

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Gaming Addict

So I love gaming, what’s new? Yeah, I play multi-player games everyday and all, but I had always restricted myself for just a couple of hours a day. Today was just a little out of hand. I’ve picked up the Midtown Madness 2 craze and started playing it every night with a few guys from CHIP.in.  If that weren’t enought, I now regularly practice playing MM2 by mouse (as suggested by Omkar). It’s quite a load of fun, and if you’d like to join us, just fire up Hamachi and give me a buzz on Y!M (supcoolz). I also went gaming today. Web Zone was completely filled up with school kids (today was the first day of school, and apparently, a half day) who play nothing other than cs_assault. Half an hour later, I was back to gaming with the regulars. Three complete hours and two calls from home later, I was on my way back home and getting drenched in the sudden mango showers. Counter Strike Assault cs_assault On a lighter gaming note, I’m also addicted to Type Racer, a Flash based game where you type out a given paragraph and your car moves to your typing speed. It’s addictive for sure. The most I managed to squeeze out was about 72 wpm, which is short of the ~80 wpm I used to type before an accident left two of my right fingers partly impaired. Go ahead, play Type Racer and see how much you score. Keep playing, you won’t get your best score in the first attempt. To round off the post, I’ve decided to end posts (other than reviews, news or such) with random quotes. Some of you may have read them, while some of you may not. Who cares, just enjoy them. :D Well, I’m off now. Have a friend who’s waiting to try and give me a hard time on Counter Strike.
“Men live in a fantasy world. I know this because I am one, and I actually receive my mail there.” – Scott Adams

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