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Kokkare Bellur – One Day Outing From Bangalore

Kokkare_Bellur_Mysore Kokkare Bellur, or Town of Storks when translated from Kannada, is a small village off the Bangalore-Mysore state highway that is home to threatened Spot Billed Pelicans and Painted Storks. It’s about 70kms from Bangalore and can be reached easily by the state-run buses. A perfect one-day outing. The village is a little tough to get to since the road leading up to it was really bad; by that I mean there was almost no road. A car or the state bus would have been ideal but as has been the case recently with me, this had to be done on bikes! So it took a little longer to reach than expected, but when we reached there, we were in for a happy shock. We went here thinking there would be some sort of state owned sanctuary or picnic spot like that at Ranganathittu but were surprised to find that the birds live freely in the Tamarind trees! Montage_Kokkare_Bellur_MysoreEntering the village, you will begin to see these big magnificent birds flying around, wings stretched out. Any body from a city will instantly be taken aback at the size of these birds! The villagers are well used to tourists and photographers. One of the families behind the nesting place gave us directions, advice and even offered to keep an eye on our bikes. Now if you’re lucky, as you enter the nesting area you’ll see a few Spot Billed Pelicans among the hundred Painted Storks. We were greeted by a nice little treat. There was a Kite on the ground feasting on its catch — a fish almost its size!

The Kite with its meal

Unfortunately, during our exploration of the nest, we came across a rather angry (and big) buffalo. Even though it was tied to a post, the menacing stare it gave us coupled with the angry snorts were enough to scare the daylights out of us!
Angry Buffalo

Still gives me the nightmares!

On our way back, we came across a lake by which there were people offering boat rides. The water though, was really dirty and it made us change our minds on taking a boat ride. For those of you who don’t mind, you can rent paddle boats and canoes and take them out into the water. Now, we hadn’t taken any food when we left Bangalore, so we had stopped by McDonald’s for a quick snack. Instead we had taken a couple of burgers to-go. Famished that we were, we sat in a Ragi (finger millet) field and had our lunch, much to the amusement of the villagers who passed by. Upon reaching the state highway, we headed out to Maddur Tiffany’s, a famous hotel known for its delicious ‘maddur vada’. Do not miss out on this! Kokkare_Bellur_Mysore Bikes

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