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[How To] Batch Convert PNG to JPEG Using Photoshop CS2

photoshop_sgsLately I’ve been finding myself manually converting PNG files to JPEGs. It can get quite tedious and frankly, boring. I downloaded a couple of apps that could automate the process, but each of them had their quirks. They would either watermark the finished image or limit me to trying them out for a finite number of days. I had to resort to manually editing them using MS Paint, and then saving them as JPEG files. The quality was bad, all thanks to the disastrous MS Paint. So I set out to find a way to convert them using Photoshop. What I ended up was writing my own Action for Photoshop CS2.

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Quirks of Indian English

  • The progressive tense in stative verbs: I am understanding it. She is knowing the answer. Also, “I am working at XYZ Company” instead of “I work at XYZ Company”. This is an influence of traditional Hindi grammar; it is more common in northern states.
  • The pluperfect tense used in verbs where International English speakers would use the simple past. I had gone for I went.
  • Use of would instead of will as in “I would be going to New York this weekend”.
  • Use of do the needful as in “do whatever needs to be done”

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New Apple iPhone 3GS Probable Release Date and Expected Price – Airtel & Vodafone

Picture of last year's Airtel iPhone 3G registration page

Picture of last year's Airtel iPhone 3G registration page

At WWDC 2009, Apple announced that the new iPhone 3G[S] would be available for purchase starting June 19th. What Apple did not clearly specify was a launch date for the 3G[S] in India. However, Apple did say that the new iPhone would be launched in July in some countries, and as far away as August in other countries (like India). Remember when the iPhone 3G was released? It was June. And later, I wrote about the iPhone 3G releasing in India in AugustAirtel came out first with the iPhone in India, Vodafone later officially announced the same, and BSNL came in a distant last with an announcement in September.  So by all probability, the expected date for the new iPhone 3G[S] release in India will most probably be in August. There weren’t any long queues, neither were a lot of iPhone pre-bookings made because of the Rs.36,000 price tag. You can be sure that this time too, for the iPhone 3G[S], the initial price will still be around the Rs.30,000+ range. As for the iPhone 3G, the expected market trend is that when something new comes out, the old must either get a price drop, or be discontinued. Most of us are expecting a price drop, to something at the range of Rs.25,000 – Rs.30,000.

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The Great “Kick Ass” Bowling Tweetup

The Great "Kick Ass" Bowling Tweetup by Santosh GS.Yes, I’ve been enjoying a lot all these days. Weddings, parties, movie outings, and most importantly – tweetups! I’m pretty sure all of you already know what a tweetup is. If not, JFGI. We Bangalore folks love our tweetups, ’cause we sure do know how to have a kick ass time (oops, does that qualify as a pun?). The last tweetup (on Saturday, 30th May) was at Amoeba Bowling, Church Street. This was our first #bowlingtweetup (useless Twitter hash tag). The Bangalore tweeps, consisiting of @fagunbhavasar, @hnprashanth, @dkris, @tsuvik, @viralsachde, @santoshp and myself played two games, enjoying each one thoroughly. Of course, it would have been a lot more fun it only @fagunbhavasar had not won both by a landslide (128+ and 100+, WTF? :( ). Besides the bowling, we had a lot of fun looking everywhere else (rather, at everybody else), which for us guys, proved completely distracting, but enjoyable at the same time. (Err.. *hint*: birds, bird watching, you get the point?) We visited Indian Coffee House (ICH) too. The new location on Church Street is small, but they still have the same coffee and brilliant ‘cutlets’. I’d recommend it to anybody coming to visit Bangalore. Ah.. Good ol’ Bangalore. Awesome fun. Follow me on Twitter, and I’ll tweet when you can join us next time. Open invite. :-) Oh, by the way, there’s a fun photo scheduled for blog post tomorrow. You might want to subscribe by feed or by email. ;-)

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