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And Here I Am!

Oh for the love of God, where had I been to!! Where had I dissappeared to all these days? Well, life has gotten miserable – and its just started. Where do I begin..hmmm.. ah yes, studies – my 12th boards! Loads of time left for those dreaded boards and the infamous CET, but yes, they are coming up. Thanks to the way I was studying all these days, dad decided to cancel my internet connection – and hence, here I am using my mobile to surf the net and that too, only on Sundays. But yes, there has been a bright side – I’ve got free internet on my mobile! I used NOP (Airtel’s smallest GPRS package) for a week or so and decided to deactivate it for a while. To my surprise (and happiness), it was still working despite the deactivation! So right now, its been more than a month that I’ve had this free internet (which means I’ve saved about 150 bucks a month!). sw33t :) Well gotta run now.. cya :)

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The Fruits of My Blogging…

Ever experienced the feeling of buying something from your own money? Well, I did. I just bought myself a Nokia N70 ME :D

I’m excited, over the top, and brimming with ecstasy! The phone is superb, amazing, stunning, (I can go on, but I’ll stop for your sake). I’ve already tricked out the phone to an all new level, its glittering Vista and the ringtones are all Simpson-ish :P

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Stop Eating Chocolates (or risk getting your dick shrunk)

I’ve always been afraid of eating chocolates. Now that I know what happens if I do, I’m probably gonna keep a mile away from ’em. Eat Chocolate - Be Dickless

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