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How To: Make ANY Analog Controller to an Xbox 360 Controller

So you may or may not know this, but a number of PC games require that you own an Xbox 360 controller if you want to play them using a gamepad. Guess what? They cost a bomb! Yeah, thank you Micro$oft. If you do however own a regular analog gamepad (that’s the one with the two sticks that go all around like an owl’s head, yeah, that one), then you could “convert” it into an Xbox 360 controller. Technically, you just fool the game into thinking it’s an Xbox 360 controller. I could write another couple of paragraphs here on how to convert your analog gamepad into an Xbox 360 controller, but I’ll make it simpler on myself and embed this little video here. Yesterday, I wrote about the Enter E-GPV as a dirt cheap alternative to the Xbox 360 controller but did not explain how. If you own one, well, don’t bother watching that video. Download the zip file mentioned at the end, uncompress it and put it in the game’s directory. There’s an app called X-Padder that lets you customize what each key of your gamepad does when pressed. This can be useful for older games, games which do not have Xbox 360 controller support built-in, or if you simply choose not to emulate an Xbox 360 controller and choose to instead customize every key of your gamepad. Keep in mind, this will not let you play games that require ONLY an Xbox 360 controller. You can find the download link below. Resources:

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Enter E-GPV – Dirt Cheap Alternative to an Xbox 360 Controller

Kept off buying an Xbox 360 controller because it’s too expensive? So did I. I mean, 1900 bucks for a controller is a little steep, right? Especially when it’s got a wire attached to it. I’ve kept off playing PC games since I bought was gifted an Xbox 360 Slim a few months ago mainly because the Xbox 360’s controller is so damn good that it makes you never want to use a keyboard again. The cost of Xbox 360 games though is a huge factor, and so it set off my search for a PC controller/gamepad. I already have a racing wheel with a gamepad on it but wanted an analog gamepad since most games almost require that. I tried out Logitech and some smaller lesser-known companies’ gamepads but none of them were quite like the Xbox 360 experience nor were they any less costly than the Xbox 360 controller itself. Enter the Enter E-GPV gamepad. Yeah, it’s from a company called Enter. It’s too much plastic and it isn’t wireless either. So why this? Because it costs 270 bucks! HAH! And that makes it a pleasant compromise. Features:
  • USB Port
  • Built-in Motors
  • Twin Vibration Pad
  • 12 Fire Buttons
I got mine off of SnapDeal for 190 bucks using a discount coupon. Took them ages to deliver it. Any who, the point is — it costs less than a pizza, works pretty damn well, feels okay, and as an added bonus the two analog sticks can be used as an extra pair of D-pad. Did I mention its cost? Oh… Enter E-GPV Gamepad (Flipkart).

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