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Bangalore Paintball Tweetup – Lots of Fun (and Pain)

indian_paintball_leagueTweetups in Bangalore have been getting not only better, but more common. This edition of Bangalore Tweetup, hash tagged #paintballtweetup, was organized in less than a couple of days, but it was loads of fun. The venue – Indian Paintball League (ironically called IPL), located off Sarjapura Road.

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[How To] Batch Convert PNG to JPEG Using Photoshop CS2

photoshop_sgsLately I’ve been finding myself manually converting PNG files to JPEGs. It can get quite tedious and frankly, boring. I downloaded a couple of apps that could automate the process, but each of them had their quirks. They would either watermark the finished image or limit me to trying them out for a finite number of days. I had to resort to manually editing them using MS Paint, and then saving them as JPEG files. The quality was bad, all thanks to the disastrous MS Paint. So I set out to find a way to convert them using Photoshop. What I ended up was writing my own Action for Photoshop CS2.

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