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BSNL iPhone Launch in December

I did not expect to be writing another Apple iPhone 3G post, not after the marathon of posts and comments we had prior to the (failed) August launch of the iFail iPhone in India. But here I am again, telling you all that BSNL (yes, them :-L ) are coming out with the iPhone in December of this year. According to the Financial Express, SK Chakravarty BSNL will be launching the iPhone along with the 3G network in December. “On September 30, we will have a meeting of the circle heads where we may take a decision on making iPhones available to our consumers,” said Chakravarty. Back in June, we all saw the Vodafone iPhone advertisement on the front page of the TOI, and Airtel announce pre-booking the very next day. The BSNL launch is something we never expected. Lets hope they can at least have the price lower than their competitors. Edit: Hope?! Why am I even bothered about buying a phone that I _know_ lacks features and will be overpriced?

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Metallica’s Death Magnetic Album Leaked

Heavy Metal band Metallica‘s heavily anticipated new Death Magnetic album has been leaked on to the Internet. The album was scheduled for official release on the 12th of September. The leak was identified to a store in France, where the album was released nearly two weeks ahead of the scheduled release. [link] Check out a photo posted by one of those fans lucky enough to have gotten their hands on the new album.
Death Magnetic CD Image

Death Magnetic CD Image

Death Magnetic track listing:
  1. That Was Just Your Life
  2. The End Of The Line
  3. Broken, Beat & Scarred
  4. The Day That Never Comes
  5. All Nightmare Long
  6. Cyanide
  7. The Unforgiven III
  8. The Judas Kiss
  9. Suicide & Redemption
  10. My Apocalypse
Cyanide has been available on Metallica.com for listening from some time now, but of course, the leaked album is already available on BitTorrent, and I must add, ALL of the songs are good! :P

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