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Appy tagged me over here. I’m expected to answer a few easy questions, so here goes: 4 Jobs I’ve Had (in chronological order)
  • Worked for 3 days at SKOAR! expo held at Bangalore in 2006.
  • Worked as a designer for a friend’s friend who owns a design studio down at Brigade’s.
  • Got a five-month job at Orange Properties. For some reason, I didn’t take up that job. (does that count here? :P )
  • Worked several jobs on the Internet. (does this count too?)
4 Movies I Could Watch Over and OverThe Mask (1994) 4 Places I’ve Lived (in order) Just 1 Place 4 TV Shows I Like 4 Favorite Foods
  • Mom’s Bele Obbattu + Mango Seekarne (sorry! Local dish)
  • Chicken Biryani/KFC Hot ‘N Crispy
  • Pizza
  • Indiana‘s Burger
4 Places I’d Rather Be
  • Bangalore
  • The Eternal City — Rome
  • Chicago, IL, USA
  • New York City, NY, USA
4 People I’m Tagging Edit: Checked my feeds again and found out Grace tagged me as well. Thanks Grace.

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