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Archive for December, 2006

Si Senior!

OMG ! I can’t believe it, I just had a chat with some Spanish speaking muchacho and it was fun !! Have a looky at this chat log (supcoolz is me and the muchacho is jesus_riquelme10):
jesus_riquelme10: hola jesus_riquelme10: de donde eres supcoolz: WTF is this ?

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Call the SWAT team – a high schooler just edited my website !

Picture this – A high school student edits his school’s website, and the next thing he knows, the cops are crawling up his ass with a SWAT team ! This is exactly what happened to Justin, a Senior in Winter Park High School. And what exactly did the poor guy do to get into this kind of shit ? Nothing much really, but all he did was change the word ‘defeat’ to ‘Crushed’ so as to get a kick out of it in class the next day. Apparently, this little word cost him $20,000 ! Read about Justin’s little ‘incident’ on his blog – Operation Success.

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Hyallo ?

Testing, Testing 123.. ahem, is this thing working ? LOL … :P N e ways ! I just bought myself a TLD with my name in it ! (always wanted to say that !) Hehe… Lil busy now for updating and stuff, so do check back (right after Chrsitmas, and DONT frikkin forget ! Cya !

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