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Adrian Sutil: I love Chicken Tikka and Metallica!

To begin with, a very happy new year to all of you. I’m late, but it’s better late than never. Coming to the topic, I have never rooted for the under dog in Formula One before, that is, until Adrian Sutil came along. The Force India driver is one of the few drivers I like in the politics rocked sport. A professional racing driver who wants to be a stuntman sometime in the future, Adrian Sutil is a big fan of Metallica and Indian food. Quote, “I love Indian food especially chicken tikka and chicken jalfrezi. I absolutely love gulab jamuns and yes, naan is yummy”. And even though he hasn’t actually won a race yet, the mere fact that he took the VJM02, a much inferior car compared to the McLaren and Brawn cars that dominated 2009, and raced it to 4th position in the Italian Grand Prix; or the second place in the German Grand Prix (that was eventually lost to Raikonnen thanks to a crash the Finn caused), definitely proves that he has potential. The simple, yet outspoken guy that he is, I haven’t ever read an interview of Sutil like this one that the Times of India published yesterday. I thought it required a mention on my blog, given that Sutil has spoken so candidly about his life and his thoughts about almost everything. Give it a read. If you’re short of time, you might want to skip to the second page. Come 2010, I’m sure things will turn around better for the German. An exciting season ahead with all the new teams, regulations, and of course, the return of the F1 Legend – Michael Schumacher. I can’t wait for it to start.

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The End of a Chapter..

From the past 6 weeks, I can confidently say that I’ve been having the best days of my life, (yet). I’ve gone out with friends instead of being stuck up at home in front of the computer all day. I’ve taken part in some really nice experiences like Paintball (yes, I’ll talk about it a hundred times and still won’t get tired of it. So what?) and Tweetups of different kinds. I even made it a point to meet up all of my old friends at least once. chapter_endIn June, I was always at home, either watching movies or doing something not at all worthwhile. I was repeatedly told to leave the house and go out a little. In July though, the complaint was that I was constantly away from home. I would leave at noon, having gotten up only at 10am, and then come back home only past 10pm. There were quite a few times that I had to stay over at a friend’s place because it was too late. I watched six movies at the theatres in the span of a fortnight, almost each with a different group of friends. Finished watching at least a dozen different TV shows. A couple of hundred movies still left. Gotten high a dozen times. Lost my mind at least a couple of times. Killed my iPod Touch once. Resurrected my iPod Touch once. Almost killed myself once. Waatevaaah! As with all things, this damn 6-week long run comes to an end. On Saturday, I bid goodbye to Bangalore, at least for another 4 years, as I move to Tumkur,  a town that’s around 70kms away from Bangalore. And although close, I still won’t be able to come down to Bangalore as much as I would like to. I’ve never left the Garden City for more than a couple of weeks. And I’ve never really lived by myself either. This is going to be… weird. I’m not leaving depressed or even a bit sad. I’m actually looking forward to this part of my life. A whole new friends circle is something that has gotten me excited as well. That doesn’t mean that I forget or leave my present friends circle. Nope. It just means we get closer. The fact that each and everybody close to me has said that they would ‘miss me’ (surprisingly, even the guys!), an emotional phrase that none of them had ever come even slightly close to uttering before, just brought us all closer than ever. Well that’s that, it’s time to bid goodbye to Bangalore… Image source: karenebiggs.

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World’s Longest Highway – 25,000 KMs

Was stumbling Wikipedia when I came across the Pan-American Highway. It’s been officially recognized as the world’s longest motorable road, spanning an insane 25,000 kilometers! longest_highway I did the math, and in the end, if you use a car with a 15kmpl average mileage, you’ll require about 1666 litres of petrol, and around Rs. 83,000 for the cost of petrol (w/o taking wear and tear into consideration). Anyone up for a road trip?

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Expected Price of Airtel and Vodafone iPhone in India

I’ve been bringing my readers constant updates about Airtel and the Apple iPhone 3G. Why not let me deliver those updates to you via email? It’s free, and zero spam/advertising. You’ve got nothing to lose.
The blogosphere has been buzzing with news about the iPhone’s India launch. People have been hugely anticipating the pricing of the iPhone in India. Here’s what the Economic Times has to say. Apple iPhoneWe know that the iPhone will be priced at $199 in the USA, but what many of us do not know is that this is a subsidised price that Apple and AT&T have worked out. Going by market researcher iSuppli, each iPhone has been subsidised to the extent of $300! This subsidised rate is made up through higher call and SMS rates. What that means for us is that we may not be seeing Airtel and Vodafone’s iPhone priced at Rs. 8000, not with SMS and call rates in India being one of the cheapest in the world (with plans to decrease even further). The price may instead be at around Rs. 21,000. So would you be willing to pay 21,000 bucks for the new 8GB iPhone 3G when it hits Indian shores?

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Book Your Airtel iPhone 3G

I’ve been bringing my readers constant updates about Airtel and the Apple iPhone 3G. Why not let me deliver those updates to you via email? It’s free, and zero spam/advertising. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Airtel’s Customer Care may have no clue about the Apple iPhone 3G, but Airtel has updated their website with a link to book the iPhone.

Airtel iPhone 3G

I’ll be dropping by the Airtel showroom near my place most likely tomorrow and ask them a few questions. Let’s see how this goes. The prospect of having the new Apple iPhone with Airtel (along with 3G of course ;) ) has completely taken over my mind.

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