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[How To] Batch Convert PNG to JPEG Using Photoshop CS2

photoshop_sgsLately I’ve been finding myself manually converting PNG files to JPEGs. It can get quite tedious and frankly, boring. I downloaded a couple of apps that could automate the process, but each of them had their quirks. They would either watermark the finished image or limit me to trying them out for a finite number of days. I had to resort to manually editing them using MS Paint, and then saving them as JPEG files. The quality was bad, all thanks to the disastrous MS Paint. So I set out to find a way to convert them using Photoshop. What I ended up was writing my own Action for Photoshop CS2.

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We Live in a Synchronized World

We live in a synchronized world. Yes, we do. A sync here, a sync there, is just what we all need to be completely organized. sync I’m writing this post after I just synchronized Notes, Contacts, Calendar entries, and To-Do lists between my iPod, n70, Outlook 2007, and Google Calendar. Like, I added an entry to Google Calendar, and it was synchronized to the Outlook and n70 calendars (having a little problem syncing the calendar with the iPod; will sort it out though). Pretty neat, eh? More on how to soon. (It’s going to be a long post. Maybe here. Maybe on the Harmless Geek. Dunno.) So why sync? To begin with, why not? Having all your stuff where ever you are is something very convenient, isn’t it? I use my Nokia n70’s calendar a lot. I don’t usually forget birthdays of dear ones mostly because my device reminds me the night before, and on the day itself. Now I can get an SMS reminder as well, besides being able to see it every time I check my mail. I also jot down a lot of notes – stuff that I need to download or just something that I need to find out more about. Usually, these get lost somewhere amongst the other hundred odd notes. Hence, the need to sync between my computer. Outlook displays the note in a small window when you open it. You can then make it stay “always on top” using the nvidia desktop manager, and BAAM! – you have a sticky! There are lots of other reasons, but those were (some) of the main reasons as to why sync between devices. Ergo, if you haven’t synced yet – SYNC, SYNC, SYNC damn it! ‘Cause it’s your birth right, you hear? This also happens to be my first post from Windows Live Writer. It’s pretty nice so far. Saves me a lot of bandwidth and also those annoying ‘post revision’ saves WordPress does. (P.S. – did you notice how I connect everything together to make everything better? Like using the nvidia manager to create sticky notes. Makes life simpler, without having to install BS software. Yes, yes. I do love myself very much. ;-) ) EDIT: Ended up fcuking up the post a little. I’m learning. :-)

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