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10 Movies That Absolutely Wasted My Time [Aside]

10 Movies That Absolutely Wasted My Time

Parker (2013) 
A thief with a unique code of professional ethics is double-crossed by his crew and left for dead. Assuming a new disguise and forming an unlikely alliance with a woman on the inside, he looks to hijack the score of the crew’s latest heist. (118 mins.)
Director: Taylor Hackford
“ Jason Statham and his monolithic acting skills. Though, it was Jennifer who made sure this one landed in the trash. 3/10” – SantoshGS

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GRID 2: Review – Codemasters Falls Inbetween

The latest and most anticipated simulation racer from the Codemasters stables falls flat on building the single-player career but makes up for it with some fast multiplayer action.  
44350_screenshots_2013-06-18_00016 When Codemasters first teased us with Grid 2 back in September 2012, I had only just wrapped up playing the original Grid and couldn’t wait for a sequel. Fast forward to the present day, and I am left somewhat disappointed. Grid 2 starts off with Patrick Callaghan, an eccentric millionaire looking to start his own racing series by hiring a novice driver (you), and nurturing him to stardom. Pretty good start I figured, but down the line there is no story, no competition and it simply gets boring. Sure, it features “rivals” and if you manage to navigate correctly through the labyrinth of menus, it even gives you a few tasks to accomplish. But it’s nothing challenging compared to the previous game. What’s happened to the teammate feature? Where’s the intense competition that they created between you and an AI driver, that’s right, AI.   44350_screenshots_2013-06-22_00007Sure, it features some intricate visuals and stunningly real crashes, but what makes a good game is the AI. Grid falters here. The AI challenge is half baked and almost always drives a good clean race void of mistakes. There’s no distinct racing style, no aggression, nothing that reminds you of the AI driver after a race or two. Remember Dirt? I still remember my races against Md. Bin Sulayem and coming out at the end thinking of him as a good guy who does good clean racing. And don’t even get me started on the missing cockpit view. The saving grace of this game comes in the form of multiplayer. Unlike the previous game, it’s been updated to prevent players from cutting corners and crashing into one another. Cutting corners attracts a 5-sec penalty and the new Impact Rating system which categorizes players based on how rough they play, have all contributed to a good MP experience. Endurance races and constantly changing tracks add a nice challenge to top it off.

Sports Center integrated into the game to give it a bit of that “league” effect.

Codemasters choosing to create their own tracks (yeah, no Nurburgring) initially disappointed me, but after a while of racing these tracks begin to grow on you. The Yas Marina, Indianapolis and Red Bull Racing Circuit all have brought in their own distinct flavour of racing to the game. A sleuth of cars spread over four tiers only unlocked by earning experience points (by racing and beating rivals) adds to the excitement.  



TL;DR — All in all, beautiful graphics, excellent multiplayer racing; you can give this one a pass if you’re not going to be playing it over the Internet.

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Enter E-GPV – Dirt Cheap Alternative to an Xbox 360 Controller

Kept off buying an Xbox 360 controller because it’s too expensive? So did I. I mean, 1900 bucks for a controller is a little steep, right? Especially when it’s got a wire attached to it. I’ve kept off playing PC games since I bought was gifted an Xbox 360 Slim a few months ago mainly because the Xbox 360’s controller is so damn good that it makes you never want to use a keyboard again. The cost of Xbox 360 games though is a huge factor, and so it set off my search for a PC controller/gamepad. I already have a racing wheel with a gamepad on it but wanted an analog gamepad since most games almost require that. I tried out Logitech and some smaller lesser-known companies’ gamepads but none of them were quite like the Xbox 360 experience nor were they any less costly than the Xbox 360 controller itself. Enter the Enter E-GPV gamepad. Yeah, it’s from a company called Enter. It’s too much plastic and it isn’t wireless either. So why this? Because it costs 270 bucks! HAH! And that makes it a pleasant compromise. Features:
  • USB Port
  • Built-in Motors
  • Twin Vibration Pad
  • 12 Fire Buttons
I got mine off of SnapDeal for 190 bucks using a discount coupon. Took them ages to deliver it. Any who, the point is — it costs less than a pizza, works pretty damn well, feels okay, and as an added bonus the two analog sticks can be used as an extra pair of D-pad. Did I mention its cost? Oh… Enter E-GPV Gamepad (Flipkart).

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Buy an “Apple iPod Shuffle” for just Rs.180

No, the title isn’t misleading or wrong. Thanks to the Chinese, it now takes only 180 bucks to be the proud owner of an “Apple” iPod Shuffle. But that isn’t the best part. Get this, you can add your own memory card to it! Cheap iPod ShuffleWhen I visited Chennai recently (more on that later), @the100rabh and @daaku showed me an mp3 player that they said they bought for just Rs.180! This little Chinese bastard of an iPod Shuffle and Chinese preeminence comes with a pair of earphones and a microUSB cable (for charging purposes) too. Plug in your micro memory card and you’re good to go. You can even use your own 3.5mm headphones. The sound quality really isn’t that bad if you’re only going to listen to Hindi music, Pop and Hip-Hop genres. Just don’t expect your Metal songs to sound good because this iPod can crank up the treble to insane levels. Available at Saravana Selvarathnam Textiles, T.Nagar, Chennai. In Red, Black, Silver, and Purple(!!) colours.

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Trip to Gokarna Om Beach

Engineering has been quite monotonous so far. At least 6 hours of  classes everyday and sometimes up to 8 hours. Thankfully, you only have to be stuck with each subject for less than 5 months. After the semester exams, a bunch of us close friends headed off to Gokarna, a small town in the Karwar district which has some really beautiful beaches that attract a lot of foreigners. We initially wanted to go by train, but the train timings were such that we would reach Shimoga in the middle of the night, and from there, we would need to take a bus to Gokarna. Instead we took a sleeper coach bus right from Bangalore itself. The bus was an hour late! En route, our dear friend Somo made the bus wait for a good 10 whole minutes as he came running from home. :| We reached Gokarna at 7 in the morning. What was surprising was that there was almost no humidity despite being a coastal town. The weather was excellent! gokarna om beach photos Once at Gokarna, we had to hire autorickshaws to Om Beach. The beach is pretty far from the bus stand and 100 bucks for the rick is worth it. En route the tiny ghat section, you will see Gokarna’s other beaches which are equally as beautiful as Om Beach. Once at Om Beach, we had to walk till the end of the beach to find a place to stay as every other shack was either booked or available only to foreigners. Apparently, charging foreigners a large amount for a lousy shack is how these people manage to keep the price cheap for us. gokarna_sunrise_beautiful_collage The entire stay for 2 days was just brilliant. Day 1 went away with exploring the geography of the place, lazying by the beach, and a visit to the temple. On day 2, we trekked quite a lot in the somewhat hot sun and found a stunning spot where we could see a panoramic view of the sea. Sadly we hadn’t taken our cameras on the trek. :( The rest of the day was spent floating in the sea, playing catch in the water, and losing precious stuff. :D Budget wise, I had expected us to spend close to Rs.2,500 like the last trip to Mangalore. Surprisingly though, the whole thing worked out at exactly Rs.1,600 per head! Here’s the run down for those planning to go to Gokarna:
  • Travel – by bus (to and fro), sleeper coach (Seabird) — Rs.800
  • Accommodation – Sunset Cafe — Rs.300 per room (2 people in a room with maximum 3 allowed)
  • Food – this was the costliest because we did not skimp on our non-veg craving, and yes, ’cause we’re hogs, lol :D – Rs.450
  • Autorickshaw – the only way to travel from the beach to the town — Rs.200
I haven’t gone into much detail about the trip due to lack of time and patience. Gokarna is overall a very nice place to visit. Om Beach is calm, quiet, and a privy place away from hooligans. Contrary to recent rumors, the beaches are kept really clean and morally well looked after.

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