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Quite Fed Up

..of this new theme. It’s good, but the overdose of colour is getting on my nerves. Expect a change any time soon. I’ve also taken up Preshit‘s advice on keeping the site, the blog and the tumblelog all looking the same. That’ll take time though! I wanted to make a surprise change, but I just CANNOT keep my anxiety controlled. So here’s a sneak preview: new theme
“Honesty is the best image.” — Tom Wilson.
Edit: People who know my IP address and/or personal server address, please stay out! :-P

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And Here I Am!

Oh for the love of God, where had I been to!! Where had I dissappeared to all these days? Well, life has gotten miserable – and its just started. Where do I begin..hmmm.. ah yes, studies – my 12th boards! Loads of time left for those dreaded boards and the infamous CET, but yes, they are coming up. Thanks to the way I was studying all these days, dad decided to cancel my internet connection – and hence, here I am using my mobile to surf the net and that too, only on Sundays. But yes, there has been a bright side – I’ve got free internet on my mobile! I used NOP (Airtel’s smallest GPRS package) for a week or so and decided to deactivate it for a while. To my surprise (and happiness), it was still working despite the deactivation! So right now, its been more than a month that I’ve had this free internet (which means I’ve saved about 150 bucks a month!). sw33t :) Well gotta run now.. cya :)

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