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Five Groups Of People On Facebook

facebook As I take a hiatus from Facebook, its overpowering grasp over my life, and of course, its tangled web of privacy issues, I felt I should pen down a conversation I had with a friend recently about the different groups of people there are on Facebook. What started off as a rant turned into quite a ROFL moment for us. This also happens to be my first attempt at a different writing style. I’m poking a lot of humour at everybody, including my friends and myself. Also the first time I’m using Windows Live Writer on this blog. Do excuse me. I heart you all. So without further ado, here are the groups of people on FB: 1) Techies Yes, lets start off with them first. These are the guys who sit for 10+ hours logged into Facebook from a small cubicle, in what is essentially an office filled with hundreds of overweight techies and the smell of fart from a day’s worth of McDonald’s. What do these guys do? Simple. Share carbon copies of everything that they share on Twitter. 2) From Orkut, with love… “HiiiiiiiII!!!!… how r u?>”. No brainer here really. Ever seen the shit that’s on orkut these days? Guess what, it’s now migrating to Facebook. All those profiles with celebrity display pictures and special characters in their names are now here to bug you on Facebook. Deal with it. They’re your ‘friends’. Orkut friends to be precise. (Hint: Treating them as twelve year olds usually helps.) 3) Farmville Addicts “Santosh has just grown paddy on his farm and wants you to cultivate it”. Yeah, right. Thanks to the app explosion that was Farmville, there are now a hundred friends, at the least, who send me requests to join them in cultivating their farms and what not. Virtual farming, really?! Bah! Oh wait, we should probably put the people who answer boring quizzes in this group too. And then, BLOCK ‘EM! 4) Relationship Abusers This is a unique group of individuals who are on Facebook as an interim medium between texting in class, and staying cooped up at home. Yes, these are the very gay teen girls who list their best friends as siblings and relationship status as “married”. Personally, this is just down right a piss off. And last, and probably the most annoying group of people — 5) Cool is my middle name These are probably the people who piss off everybody the most. If they went out for lunch, a drink, or even a damn piss, you can expect pictures of them with people of the opposite sex. These aren’t any pictures though. These are ones that are meant to intimidate the “lesser social beings” (read: those with probably no party life at all) on Facebook. Yes, they’re cool to look at the first few times, but it can get painfully annoying and irritating when you realise that they mostly put these up to light a fire under your arse. But hey, isn’t that what Facebook is all about? Proving to your friends that you’re cooler and better than them in real life? Hah! I know which group I fall under. Not proud of it, but I’m happy. No offence to my techie friends, you’re amazing people to hang out with, online at least. (LOL!) Peace out. \m/

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Finally, A (Wild) Bucket List That I Can Actually Finish

bucket_listA bucket list! Aha! Something that I wanted to pen down since watching The Bucket List way back in 2008. So without further ado, here is my wild list of stuff that I want to do before I die, (in no particular order):
  1. Be the CEO of my own company. (current status: in the works already)
  2. Live far away from the city. Probably a nice little village on the outskirts of Bangalore.
  3. Splurge on all the latest gadgets I can lay my crappy hands on, just once. (technology jumps a mile each month, so no point splurging over and over)
  4. Build a sound-proof room. (for various naughty reasons)
  5. Drive at 200+kmph, with the windows down and my head out, doggy style. lol
  6. Bungee jump. (lets keep it realistic, I doubt I’ll ever be jumping out of an airplane)
  7. Create something (anything) that I would have usually bought from a store instead.
  8. Get a damn tattoo. Even a small one will do.
  9. Attend Rock in Rio \m/.
  10. And while I’m there, visit “Christ the Redeemer” and perhaps Peru (Machu Picchu :D).
  11. Slap a wild bull on its arse, TWICE! (like in the movie Wild Hogs)
  12. Eat a live squid. (yes, people actually do this!)
  13. Break a guy’s nose. (oh c’mon, you’ve seen it so many times in the movies. Just once I would love to do it! Volunteers anyone?)
  14. Try and watch all Star Wars movies in a day. (Wow, there’s _actually_ another nut like me. And thanks to him for the image for this post.)
  15. Add some more stuff to this list.
Stuff that should have been on the list, a.k.a. the ones that I’ve already completed:
  1. Paintball. (yay! never expected it to come to Bangalore _ever_. Read here.)
  2. Get stoned. (disclaimer: if you’re family, this never happened!!)
  3. Get involved in a street fight. (if you know me well, then you know that this just _had_ to have happened to me)
  4. Smash an electronic gadget (preferably a mobile phone) to pieces. (props to my friend C.S., who wanted a reason to buy a new mobile phone.)

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Airtel,Complaints,Fusion Lounge,Rants

What is Airtel Fusion Lounge – Best Models Service?

Yesterday, while using Airtel Live GPRS, I received a message saying “Fusion Lounge” service had been activated and that’ I would be charged Rs.15 every month. Being outside and quite busy, I decided not to call Airtel Customer Care up immediately. In fact, I had doubts whether the service was of Airtel since it looked quite spammy and had a link that did not seem to be an Airtel website.

Earlier today I was surfing through Airtel Live again, and I get a message saying 15 Rupees has been charged for Fusion Lounge. This time I called them up, and then hung up as soon as the rep picked up because I was needed elsewhere.

I called them up again in the evening today and I’m put through to an inexperienced young lady struggling to speak English. Fine. Most of Airtel’s CC is of this type anyway. What pissed me off was that even though she had heard about Fusion Lounge, she had NO idea how it was activated, she wouldn’t agree she about that, and rushed me up into deactivating it. Throughout the call the rep blamed ME for the activation and said that it was entirely MY fault. I mean, WTF? Here I was having absolutely no idea what Fusion (Shit) Lounge is and she’s telling me I had activated it. After I strongly objected, she told me I must have activated it without my knowledge. I object again. I ask her how the service is activated. The reply I get – “You must have pressed some button while browsing Airtel Live”. I ask which button and she replies to me saying “some button”. I proceeded to question her about HOW Fusion Lounge is activated, to which she FINALLY confessed to having no clue about. She then deactivated the service and redirected me to 12118 – the Airtel GPRS Customer Care Helpline. (They have a dedicated GPRS helpline. I suppose they get a LOT of GPRS complaints like this.)

The “I-dunno-English-saaar, how may I assist you” rep at 12118 asked me to call up 121. Just great. (Surprisingly I didn’t blow my head off at him.)

I decided that this would be the last time I call up 121 and speak to a rep. This time however, the rep asked me my problem and then my name. He immediately said that the money would be refunded within an hour. (Wait, WHAT?!) He continued to tell me that if the service was activated again and I wanted a refund, it would not happen AT ALL. He told me that I must have browsed “Handygo daat caaalm” and clicked on a subscription for, I quote, “nazara tech, f technology”. A quick Google Search took me to this horribly designed website.

Oh, this is the first time my money has been reimbursed by Airtel, and that, within a couple of minutes. I’ve been put through 45 day waiting periods only to be told that the money will not be refunded. Raises eyebrows as to why they refunded the money this time and so quickly too.

P.S. – I should probably make a separate category for Airtel, and call it “Airtel Rants” maybe?

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Airtel to stop Airtel Online (NOP) Unlimited GPRS plan from May 5th

It’s time to say buh-bye to Airtel’s once loved Airtel Online or Net Over Phone (NOP) unlimited GPRS data plan. Airtel has announced that they will be switching over from the unlimited GPRS plan to the pay as you use Airtel Live! and Mobile Office plans. From May 5th, Airtel will switch existing NOP customers over to a 30paise/50KB plan, in what can only be described as ‘INSANE’. New subscribers can send an SMS “VBC ACTV” to the toll free number 222. (Some report activating the service by dialing *567# or by sending an SMS “AGPRS” to 56789.) As an Airtel Online subscriber ever since I switched to Airtel, I have to say that I am extremely disappointed at Airtel. First, it was the ‘no more daily 100 free sms’ notice. Then the Re.1 daily rental for the College Plan (although they reacivated the free sms plan). And now cancelling the unlimited GPRS plan. Yes Airtel, you definitely know how to dig your own grave. [via HNP @ Tech Bangalore]

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My To-Buy List

Saw Subbu’s list, and it reminded me to note down my list. The list is in order of preference and/or need.
  • WooHoo! :PDELL SP2208WFP 22″ TFT — I love this! However, I might settle on a 19″ TFT instead. Suggestions welcome. This is needed ASAP to replace my decade old 14″ CRT always-5months-pregnant monitor. GOT THIS.
  • External 500GB/750GB HDD — My current 300GB+40GB combo has almost run out of space. Low disk space warnings appear on multiple drives! I’m planning an external hard disk because that way I can use it with the laptop. GOT THIS (although I settled for an internal 750gig HDD).
  • SONY MDR-XD200 Headphones — I need this pretty badly. Every time I play music or even watch a movie, parents downstairs start to complain. 8-) And besides, I can’t Counter-Strike without a headphone. :| GOT THIS. Check review.
  • DELL Inspiron 1525 — Well this depends on which college I get into since most of the colleges in my list give a free laptop on admission. But it is one heck of a sexy laptop.
  • Logitech Cordless mouse — Previous cordless Logitech mouse is screwed. Using a spare 4-yr old optical mouse now, and that has put my gaming off. Haven’t decided on which model to buy. Corded or cordless will depend on whether I get a laptop or not. Current choices — G5 or MX518. Was also planning for the G15 keyboard. Having used it at the SKOAR! expo, I know I WANT it. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with the current keyboard I have. GOT THIS. Got a Logitech MX518.
  • Better, more ergonomic, comfortable chair — The current one is not made for the desk I’m using. So kinda hinders my usage of the keyboard+mouse, not to mention give me a pain in the back.
  • Lite-On DH-20A4P-08 DVD-RW — Dunno if this is the best, but this sure is the last thing on my list. It’s been years since the DVD became a common part of life, and yet, I have no desire to want one. I have teh Internet, and teh pen drive. But I guess with a drive costing ~1.2k, I can buy it now. :P
Suggestions welcome people. :) Edit: This post was written on July 1st, 2008. It was, however, published on June 1st, 2008. I beg of you not to ask questions, atleast for the sake of my respect (if any left)! I’ve republished this on July 3rd, 2008. Sorry. Edit 2: Post updated on 9th of July, 2008. Bought a WesternDigital 750GB hard disk, a Logitech MX518, and the Dell SP2208WFP.

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