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My trip to Mangalore

If you’ve been following me on Twitter (@9_6), you may have known that I had taken a trip to Mangalore for a couple of days. This blog post is a summary of the trip. It is kind of lenghty, so I’m cutting it off from here for feed readers (aka “I’m only interested in the iPhone news yaar” subscribers. Absolutely no offense to you folks. I cherish you all. Really!).

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Sony MDR-XD200 Headphones Review

Most of you know the scenario – you love playing music out loud, but your parents or room mates want you to keep the sound ridiculously low. Being stuck in this situation for months, a good pair of headphones was pretty much a top-priority in my To-Buy list. You may also know that deciding on which headphone to buy is really difficult, especially since no store lets you try them out. You gotta go on user-reviews. The SONY MDR-XD200 won hands down after I went through a bunch of headphones. This baby has bang for every frikkin buck you pay.

Sony MDR-XD200 Headphones Stock

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Quite Fed Up

..of this new theme. It’s good, but the overdose of colour is getting on my nerves. Expect a change any time soon. I’ve also taken up Preshit‘s advice on keeping the site, the blog and the tumblelog all looking the same. That’ll take time though! I wanted to make a surprise change, but I just CANNOT keep my anxiety controlled. So here’s a sneak preview: new theme
“Honesty is the best image.” — Tom Wilson.
Edit: People who know my IP address and/or personal server address, please stay out! :-P

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Santo.sh – My New Tumblelog

Santosh MicroblogI always wanted a nice, unique domain to compliment my name. What better way than to register the domain Santo.SH and take my first step into web2.0. ;) Some people said that I wasted my money, but hey, who the heck are they to tell me what to do with my money? :P I like my new domain, I think most of my friends will like what I post there, and that’s all what I care about. Santo.SH will be my microblog aka Tumblelog powered by Tumblr. I’ll be posting short nuggets of information, useful links, and loads of hilarious photos and some cool videos as well. I felt a microblog was necessary since most of the information won’t warrant an entire blog post on this blog. Plus, a microblog saves me (and you) loads of time. :D You can subscribe to the microblog feed here.

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