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Finally, A (Wild) Bucket List That I Can Actually Finish

bucket_listA bucket list! Aha! Something that I wanted to pen down since watching The Bucket List way back in 2008. So without further ado, here is my wild list of stuff that I want to do before I die, (in no particular order):
  1. Be the CEO of my own company. (current status: in the works already)
  2. Live far away from the city. Probably a nice little village on the outskirts of Bangalore.
  3. Splurge on all the latest gadgets I can lay my crappy hands on, just once. (technology jumps a mile each month, so no point splurging over and over)
  4. Build a sound-proof room. (for various naughty reasons)
  5. Drive at 200+kmph, with the windows down and my head out, doggy style. lol
  6. Bungee jump. (lets keep it realistic, I doubt I’ll ever be jumping out of an airplane)
  7. Create something (anything) that I would have usually bought from a store instead.
  8. Get a damn tattoo. Even a small one will do.
  9. Attend Rock in Rio \m/.
  10. And while I’m there, visit “Christ the Redeemer” and perhaps Peru (Machu Picchu :D).
  11. Slap a wild bull on its arse, TWICE! (like in the movie Wild Hogs)
  12. Eat a live squid. (yes, people actually do this!)
  13. Break a guy’s nose. (oh c’mon, you’ve seen it so many times in the movies. Just once I would love to do it! Volunteers anyone?)
  14. Try and watch all Star Wars movies in a day. (Wow, there’s _actually_ another nut like me. And thanks to him for the image for this post.)
  15. Add some more stuff to this list.
Stuff that should have been on the list, a.k.a. the ones that I’ve already completed:
  1. Paintball. (yay! never expected it to come to Bangalore _ever_. Read here.)
  2. Get stoned. (disclaimer: if you’re family, this never happened!!)
  3. Get involved in a street fight. (if you know me well, then you know that this just _had_ to have happened to me)
  4. Smash an electronic gadget (preferably a mobile phone) to pieces. (props to my friend C.S., who wanted a reason to buy a new mobile phone.)

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The Great “Kick Ass” Bowling Tweetup

The Great "Kick Ass" Bowling Tweetup by Santosh GS.Yes, I’ve been enjoying a lot all these days. Weddings, parties, movie outings, and most importantly – tweetups! I’m pretty sure all of you already know what a tweetup is. If not, JFGI. We Bangalore folks love our tweetups, ’cause we sure do know how to have a kick ass time (oops, does that qualify as a pun?). The last tweetup (on Saturday, 30th May) was at Amoeba Bowling, Church Street. This was our first #bowlingtweetup (useless Twitter hash tag). The Bangalore tweeps, consisiting of @fagunbhavasar, @hnprashanth, @dkris, @tsuvik, @viralsachde, @santoshp and myself played two games, enjoying each one thoroughly. Of course, it would have been a lot more fun it only @fagunbhavasar had not won both by a landslide (128+ and 100+, WTF? :( ). Besides the bowling, we had a lot of fun looking everywhere else (rather, at everybody else), which for us guys, proved completely distracting, but enjoyable at the same time. (Err.. *hint*: birds, bird watching, you get the point?) We visited Indian Coffee House (ICH) too. The new location on Church Street is small, but they still have the same coffee and brilliant ‘cutlets’. I’d recommend it to anybody coming to visit Bangalore. Ah.. Good ol’ Bangalore. Awesome fun. Follow me on Twitter, and I’ll tweet when you can join us next time. Open invite. :-) Oh, by the way, there’s a fun photo scheduled for blog post tomorrow. You might want to subscribe by feed or by email. ;-)

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I’m Back, Yet Again

By now you’d probably be bored reading about me going offline and coming back online after 6 months. It’s kind of getting routine, but my guess is I’m here to stay this time. So let me get to the point – what’s new after six months? For starters, I got an iPod Touch!! It’s a 2nd gen 8-gig beauty that was presented to me by my sweet sister (and to whom I did not wish on her birthday. So sorry. I DID NOT forget. In fact, I reminded mom on the previous day. I was snoring away when mom called you early next morning). Let me tell you, if you’ve been saying (like me) that “the iPhone sucks, it costs a bomb, lacks features, blah blah, blah”, then you have GOT to use this sexy gadget. It’s the poor man’s iPhone, and bloody hell, it’s wonderful.

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