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Enjoy a little Garfield

I hadn’t read Garfield in about 148 days. So I took it upon me to read them all tonight instead of watching a second movie (I just finished watching The Tale of Despereaux, which btw, was pretty meh!). I’ve posted some comics which made me LOL the most. I hope you enjoy them. Recent Garfield Comic Image 1 Recent Garfield Comic Image 2 I should try this next one out: Recent Garfield Comic Image 3 Recent Garfield Comic Image 4 One of the best: Recent Garfield Comic Image 5 Recent Garfield Comic Image 6 Recent Garfield Comic Image 7 And this one reminds me of the typical geeks that we are. Recent Garfield Comic Image 8

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Stop Eating Chocolates (or risk getting your dick shrunk)

I’ve always been afraid of eating chocolates. Now that I know what happens if I do, I’m probably gonna keep a mile away from ’em. Eat Chocolate - Be Dickless

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Michael Jackson converts to Islam

It seems the King of Pop Michael Jackson has converted to Islam! WTF? Look at this news article:
Pop superstar MICHAEL Jackson has confirmed his conversion to Islam, according to reports in the Middle East. The Arab-Israeli newspaper Panorama claims Jackson has announced the move and revealed plans to move to Bahrain, where he has bought property. The singer’s Muslim brother JERMAINE today claimed the THRILLER hitmaker had taken interest in the religion since he converted in 1989 – and had been considering converting himself following his acquittal on child abuse charges in 2005.

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