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Airtel to stop Airtel Online (NOP) Unlimited GPRS plan from May 5th

It’s time to say buh-bye to Airtel’s once loved Airtel Online or Net Over Phone (NOP) unlimited GPRS data plan. Airtel has announced that they will be switching over from the unlimited GPRS plan to the pay as you use Airtel Live! and Mobile Office plans. From May 5th, Airtel will switch existing NOP customers over to a 30paise/50KB plan, in what can only be described as ‘INSANE’. New subscribers can send an SMS “VBC ACTV” to the toll free number 222. (Some report activating the service by dialing *567# or by sending an SMS “AGPRS” to 56789.) As an Airtel Online subscriber ever since I switched to Airtel, I have to say that I am extremely disappointed at Airtel. First, it was the ‘no more daily 100 free sms’ notice. Then the Re.1 daily rental for the College Plan (although they reacivated the free sms plan). And now cancelling the unlimited GPRS plan. Yes Airtel, you definitely know how to dig your own grave. [via HNP @ Tech Bangalore]

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Def Leppard concert in Bangalore – October 17th, 2008 [Cancelled]

Def Leppard is finally coming to Bangalore, and the following photo more or less confirms it.
Def Leppard Concert in Bangalore

Def Leppard Concert in Bangalore

WooHoo!! :D jump Thanks to Bangalore Metblogs. So who’s attending? Sathya and Subbu are. Are you? Say so here. UPDATE: The concert has been cancelled. Diwakar has pointed to the official Def Leppard  news item.

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Vodafone Press Release: Official Prices Announced

In a release issued by Vodafone on their website, the iPhone 3G prices were announced, and iPhone fans you’re going to be pretty upset. I kid you not. According to Vodafone:
The iPhone 3G is available in 8GB and 16GB at Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,100 respectively. And as you have already pre-registered with us, you can get it before others do. All you need to do is drop in at a select Vodafone Store between August 14 and 19 and confirm your booking by paying Rs 10000 through cash or credit card.
So we were right about the price. Vodafone subscribers who pre-booked the “oh-I’m-friggin-costly” phone by SMS can collect their phone on early 22nd August. So that puts an end to the pricing rumours of the Apple iPhone 3G in India, at least Vodafone’s price. I don’t see how Airtel could possibly keep a considerably lower price. Ridiculous? Hell yeah! From rumours on Twitter, I’ve heard that the Nokia N96 is going to be released today.
N96 is the first ever mobile device to offer a memory size of 16GB expandable to 24 GB. The 24GB (16+8) memory of the N96 can store up to 18000 songs, up to 20000 images at 5 mega pixel, up to 60 hours of video or 20 full length movies. With multifunctional media keys and a 2.8” screen, music, movies, games and more are available at the touch of a button. To make playing, watching, listening or experiencing the content even more enjoyable, the Nokia N96 features a ‘kickstand’ on the back cover that allows for hands-free viewing.
Hah! Apple, you just kicked yourself in the posterior. Update: Apparently, the Vodafone page I linked to has been taken down.

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