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Si Senior!

OMG ! I can’t believe it, I just had a chat with some Spanish speaking muchacho and it was fun !! Have a looky at this chat log (supcoolz is me and the muchacho is jesus_riquelme10):
jesus_riquelme10: hola jesus_riquelme10: de donde eres supcoolz: WTF is this ? jesus_riquelme10: soy de venezuela y tu supcoolz: soy my arse jesus_riquelme10: que? supcoolz: Estoy de la India supcoolz: Quién es éste ? jesus_riquelme10: pon tu cam supcoolz: no tener una leva supcoolz: qué sucedió ? jesus_riquelme10: no te veo supcoolz: Soy invisible a otros supcoolz: no conseguí tu nombre supcoolz: ¿hola? ¿Tú allí? jesus_riquelme10: si jesus_riquelme10: pero pon tu cam supcoolz: no tengo leva supcoolz: visitas este sitio en lugar de otro www.technobeta.com supcoolz: hola ? supcoolz: Tu alli ?
Hehe, if it were’nt for my marketing technique, guess i would have had a muchacho as a friend! Heck, it was fun while it lasted :P Okay okay, I might have hyped it. But hey, it was just a teeny weeny lil fun… (PS. For those who didn’t understand it, GO FIGURE :| ) (PPS. Use Google Translator to help you with the translation. Its pure and simple unlike bloatware-rani Babelfish :P )

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