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SMS Spam ?

Spam – we all hate it don’t we? It floods our inboxes, our sites and now, even our mobiles! A few weeks ago, I started to recieve spam on my mobile! I was spammed with around 25 sms every minute. The rate at which they kept coming was over whelming. I just went berserk after recieving close to 200 sms in just 2 days. The amount is not what threatens me, but its the fact that the spam sms over write my important sms stored on the cell phone. Since I own(ed) a CDMA handset, there was no provision to store messages on a SIM card. It had to be saved on to my phone. My phone, a Nokia 3105, has limited memory (about 2Mb of it). Thus, SMS need to be over written so as to manage the space problem. Most of my important messages were lost when i recieved the spam when I was at classes, and thus it really upset me. Whats more is that service providers Airtel (the provider for the guy who spammed me) and Tata Indicom (my provider) were unable to help me! Thats $h1t :| Well after reading through all this, you might be wondering who spammed me, but hey, I ain’t gonna tell that here. I want that person’s privacy to remain intact. :) And anyways, thanks to him, I can now buy a new cellphone that I always wanted (Dad agreed to dumping Tata Indicom after this incident). I can now go for an Airtel connection and buy an Nseries handset that I always wanted :D Cheers, and HAPPY NEW YEAR folks! UPDATE: Just learnt that the spammer’s SIM was cancelled due to complaints! Pity…

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