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The Great “Kick Ass” Bowling Tweetup

The Great "Kick Ass" Bowling Tweetup by Santosh GS.Yes, I’ve been enjoying a lot all these days. Weddings, parties, movie outings, and most importantly – tweetups! I’m pretty sure all of you already know what a tweetup is. If not, JFGI. We Bangalore folks love our tweetups, ’cause we sure do know how to have a kick ass time (oops, does that qualify as a pun?). The last tweetup (on Saturday, 30th May) was at Amoeba Bowling, Church Street. This was our first #bowlingtweetup (useless Twitter hash tag). The Bangalore tweeps, consisiting of @fagunbhavasar, @hnprashanth, @dkris, @tsuvik, @viralsachde, @santoshp and myself played two games, enjoying each one thoroughly. Of course, it would have been a lot more fun it only @fagunbhavasar had not won both by a landslide (128+ and 100+, WTF? :( ). Besides the bowling, we had a lot of fun looking everywhere else (rather, at everybody else), which for us guys, proved completely distracting, but enjoyable at the same time. (Err.. *hint*: birds, bird watching, you get the point?) We visited Indian Coffee House (ICH) too. The new location on Church Street is small, but they still have the same coffee and brilliant ‘cutlets’. I’d recommend it to anybody coming to visit Bangalore. Ah.. Good ol’ Bangalore. Awesome fun. Follow me on Twitter, and I’ll tweet when you can join us next time. Open invite. :-) Oh, by the way, there’s a fun photo scheduled for blog post tomorrow. You might want to subscribe by feed or by email. ;-)

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    B’lore sure as hell has lot of tweetups. I haven’t heard of a Chennai tweetup in ages. As for here, well uh never mind.


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