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I’m Back, Yet Again

By now you’d probably be bored reading about me going offline and coming back online after 6 months. It’s kind of getting routine, but my guess is I’m here to stay this time. So let me get to the point – what’s new after six months? For starters, I got an iPod Touch!! It’s a 2nd gen 8-gig beauty that was presented to me by my sweet sister (and to whom I did not wish on her birthday. So sorry. I DID NOT forget. In fact, I reminded mom on the previous day. I was snoring away when mom called you early next morning). Let me tell you, if you’ve been saying (like me) that “the iPhone sucks, it costs a bomb, lacks features, blah blah, blah”, then you have GOT to use this sexy gadget. It’s the poor man’s iPhone, and bloody hell, it’s wonderful. I shifted to BSNL’s Home 500 C+ Internet plan with the whole 2.5Gb and ‘night-unlimited’ scheme. It’s the first time in two years that I’ve been on a limited plan, and let me tell you – it does not feel good. The whole Two and a Half GB sounds good at first, but when you realise that it includes both UP and DOWN transfers, you’re gonna feel suffocated. I use around 190 MB in two days, JUST surfing. Do the math for 30 days, and uh-oh! And the whole 2AM for free downloads is B.S! I need my sleep, and I’m done wasting time writing scripts to automate it. I’ve been attending lots of Tweetups, and I also attended my second BarCamp Bangalore (BCB8). It was lovely to say the least. Met a lot of wonderful people and had a great time. Spent all my free time watching Family Guy, The Simpsons, HIMYM, Shark, and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Loved them all. And that’s about it. P.S. – the theme, how is it? I wanted something light-weight and simple. Had to modify it quite a bit. And now the blog feels more like a Tumblelog. :P

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